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TSI WORLD BEES IHC gift card can be used for ticket purchases and any additional items that are sold through our ticketing website.  At this time the Gift Card cannot be used inside the rink for purchases (such as merchandise, food and drink)

All gift cards expire 12 months after purchase

If you buy or receive a TSI WORLD BEES IHC gift card (lucky you!) then you can buy tickets (and other items available through our ticketing site) to our games at Slough Ice Arena. 

Your gift card will be in the form of a PDF document with a QR code in the top right hand corner. On this PDF, you will find a reference code, the value of the card, as well as the expiry date. The gift card's reference code will be in the form of six letters. You can pay for tickets (and other products) sold through our ticketing site up to the value stated on the card, and up until the stated expiry date. After the expiry date, your gift card will no longer be valid.